and regulations

This regulation has been created so that your stay in the campsite is the best possible, with the sole purpose of maintaining good coexistence in our establishment.

1. It is forbidden to drive more than 10 km/h on the roads/streets of the Camping.

2. Cars must be parked inside your plot, not being able to park cars in the common areas of the Camping or in other free plots. In case of occupying free plots, you should pay for this plot.

3. Not allowed more capacity than allowed by plot, either visit or stay: Small plot 4 people, Medium 5 people, Large 7 people and Extra large 9.

4. All the people that visit the camping have to enter to Reception before entering the camping. The visiting hours are from 10 am to 4 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm. Any person who is more than 1 hour in the campsite, must pay at the entrance the price of the visit according to the rate. In case of not paying, it will be charged to the plot visited. The visitors should leave the campsite before 10pm.

5. Rest Hours: Because this is a familiar Campingsite and for our customers philosophy, who want to enjoy the maximum contact with nature and its environment, we give a lot of importance to the time of silence both at midday and in the night. The hours of silence at noon is from 4pm to 6pm and at night from midnight to 9am.

6. You should respect as much as possible not to disturb other customers and neighbors with external noises, either with family meetings or friends, or with a high volume of televisions, radios, cds … You should try to have decibels in harmony with the environment and that do not distort the peace of the Camping and the rest of the customers and families.

7. We insist that in the silence time do not raise the volume in meetings with friends in such a way that they can disturb others, or we will ask you to continue on the beach so as not to disturb the rest and the stay of other clients. If this rule is not respected, it can even be considered a serious breach by management and lead to the expulsion of the customers from the Camping that cause such incident.

8. If any customer plans to leave early, please ask for your authorization at the Reception, or place your vehicle at night in the outdoor parking with its due authorization.

9. The entrance door to vehicles of the Camping will close at 12 o’clock from night until 08:00 o’clock in the morning, the circulation of vehicles by the camping is prohibited. If you arrive later than midnight you can park your vehicles in the Outer Parking.

10. Bicycles can be used as a vehicle for transportation by the campsite, but in no case are races allowed, the speed allowed by the roads must be respected. Children who break this rule may even have the bicycle removed until their parents or guardian comes to take responsibility for the matter. During the month of August the use of bicycles through the streets of the campsite is not allowed.

11. Parents or guardians are the final responsible for the children and the acts and damages they may cause to the facilities, having to replenish their damage or cost according to the direction estimated.

12. Vehicles-toys for children such as motorcycles, cars, hoverboard (scooter with seat) … with motor, are not allowed in any of the camping and parking areas due to the inconvenience they cause to customers and dangerousness for children.

13. Fountains of drinkable water, suitable for consumption, are indicated on the Camping map.

14. Keep the Camping clean for a better coexistence for all. The furniture or any other product used for camping, can not be abandoned at the campsite once the stay is over, deposit it in the appropriate places authorized by the City Council.

15. Make good use of and responsible for the facilities and if you detect any anomaly or incident please communicate it to Reception for a quick action and improvement of the installation.

16. The management of the Camping is not responsible for the valuables in its contracted plot.

17. We have installed a WiFi service that covers several areas of the campsite.

18. It is absolutely forbidden to hammer nails into trees, remember that they are living beings, and these acts can even cause death in some cases to some specimens.

19. The omission or ignorance of the rules does not exempt compliance.

20. In case of non-compliance with the regulations of the campsite, you will be invited to leave the camping facilities.

Access Conditions

– All people aged 16 or over, for registration and entry to the campsite, and communication to the state security forces must present their original identity document or passport, otherwise they will not be able to enter the Camping site facilities even having a confirmed reservation.

– Children under 16 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians , and if necessary it can be requested the presentation of a document that proves it like an ID or Passport.

– In order to benefit from the discounts for being a member of a club (ACSI, ADAC, Camping Key …) you must present the card at the time of entry at the Receptionist.

– The entrance time to the campsite is in low and medium season from 12 noon to 9pm and in high season from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m..

– Vehicles can only enter or exit from 8am until 12 midnight.

– To be able to access the campsite with the previously registered car, you must make a stop so that the barriers open. You should circulate slowly, be centered in front of the speed bump and wait for the barrier to open automatically.

– To access the beach we give you a code to enter and exit through the revolving door. Each person has a unique code and different from the rest. They have to enter their code and push the door from within to make half a journey.

– They must use the code to exit and enter. For your safety, please do not use the pedestrian door next to you and if you use it, leave it closed.

-It is totally forbidden to enter unregistered people through the beach door. It may be grounds for expulsion from the campsite

Payments Conditions

For the confirmation of the reservation you should pay some money in advance according to the type of your reservation, that the campsite will tell you about it. This payment may be in cash, with your credit card number or by bank transfer.

Booking Conditions

To make a reservation please contact the Campsite Reception either through our website, by e-mail, by phone or directly, you will be attended during Reception hours.

– No reservations are made by plot number. The plots are assigned the moment they arrive at the campsite.

– The reservation of plots together is not guaranteed.

– First-line beach plots can not be reserved in advance. They are assigned according to availability.